Andrew Hawcroft - Composer/Songwriter


I heard Lorenna Hanssen sing for the first time in Galway, and she stopped me in my tracks. 

Her beautiful and expressive soprano voice seemed to come from a different era, and I immediately thought that this was a talent that deserved to be heard in the best venues around the world. In talking to her, I quickly discovered that voice came from a personality just as warm and expressive and soulful.    I would say that hiring Lorenna to perform would be a gift for the audience.  Five stars!

Sean David Bennett - BROADWAY WRITER


Lorena's ballads float unforgetttably on the air, touching every heart fortunate enough to hear her definitive renditions of songs like "Danny Boy"
"Your voice is lovely, and powerful, and your phrasing is perfect"



Belinda Fair GMIT (Galway Ireland)


I heard this lovely lady sing like an angel at a memorial service for a friend. She had the room in tears with this piece, & the stunning Ave Maria. This recording gives you a little taste of Lorenna, but you will be blown away by the live performance. Beautiful.


Jerry Mclaughlin - MUSICIAN (Galway Ireland)


When I first heard Lorenna singing in the heart of Old Galway, I thought this is the rare kind of voice that should be performing in the concert hall or even on the operatic stage. Lorenna's style and delivery have a moving atmospheric quailty, reproducing famous and beautiful melodies with the utmost refinement. A singing ability and talent that has a place at any special occasion, Lorenna is the perfect artist for any pianist, guitarist, string ensemble or orchestra to accompany.



Neville Furlong - CHIEF EXECUTIVE
The Park Retirement Village


Ms Lorenna Hanssen sang in our Retirement Village on several occasions . She was absolutely excellent and our Residents thoroughly enjoyed her performance. The songs she had chosen were perfectly appropriate for the audience she was singing to and she had clearly prepared extremely well in advance..